You deserve a “break today.”

You deserve a “get away trip to . . .”

You deserve a better insurance company.

Have you noticed that everyone is telling you what you deserve? If you watch any T.V. at all , everyone that is selling something tells you that you deserve their product.

What have I done to be worthy of , a “break today”, “a get away”, “better mortgage percentage rate”, or “a better insurance company”? They don’t even know me! How can they say I deserve anything?

I am retired, I get a break every day for goodness sake! As for a great trip to anywhere it would be such a hassle to figure out how to get up and down with the handicap I am now sporting. I deserve!

How about you? What do you deserve? What have you done lately to deserve a “break”, or to receive a “get away”. Have you solved the great mysteries of the world? Figured out how to get the earth back on even keel? I don’t know about you but I certainly don’t feel worthy, or I certainly haven’t done anything noteworthy!

When I think of what I deserve, I shutter! Things I have done or left undone, no those folks on the T.V. don’t know what I deserve.

When we read in Psalm 103:10 there is such good news. It says:

“We sinned against him, but he didn’t give us the punishment we deserved.” When we come to Christ and tell him we are sinners and we know we deserve death, (that’s what we deserve) he is FAITHFUL and  just and forgives our sins. He alone can give us the freedom we long to have. We don’t DESERVE it but by his marvelous GRACE we receive it.

The next time you hear someone tell you, you deserve . . . think about the Grace you have received instead.



It’s a Scandal!


scandal-27Halloween is almost here! A time when you put on a mask and become someone or something else. You don’t need makeup on to cover your wrinkles, and no need to comb your hair because your costume will take care of that.

It seems that Halloween isn’t the only time we wear a mask. When you are having a day that started out with an argument, burnt toast, car trouble, or a headache, and you are asked, “How are you?” Do you answer with, “I am fine.” You have that fake smile that on the outside says everything is OK but on the inside things are not OK.

What if people knew what was going on inside your home? Would they judge you? Your house is beautiful on the outside, lawn is beautiful, flowers are just right, even when you walk in the door it is just perfect. They don’t know about the child that is doing drugs, or the husband that works all hours and isn’t there for you. Another mask.

There is someone that knows all those dark secrets and doesn’t turn away, He offers a gentle hand to pull you out of the darkness and into his marvelous light. He offers GRACE.

Grace is God offering to move heaven and earth to save you from all the masks you are wearing. He offers you a life free from all the guilt and shame. Scandalous! Shocking! How could anyone know your darkest secrets and yet forgive you?

Jesus does just that. He forgives our sins and puts our feet on solid ground and we get a new chance. One that requires no masks, just who he made us to be.

Today’s song is by Unspoken , “Call It Grace.” Listen to the words and know that Jesus IS unchanging, unfailing, and so amazing.

Won’t you let him take your place?

You Never Fail



I love Hillsong. They sing so many great songs and they usually are worship songs. Today’s song is one of theirs called Oceans Listen to the words and let them wash over you.

Have you ever noticed that God doesn’t let you stay in one place for a long time? Whether in the valley or the mountain top you aren’t there forever. As the song says, “You call me out upon the waters, the great unknown where feet may fail.”

I’ve been in this place several times lately, the great unknown. We have just recently moved to a new place, The Great Unknown. I know God is not in a place, but what we left was wonderful, and comfortable. We knew where everything was located. We had doctors we liked (very important the older you get), a church family that was loving, and friends. God has put us here now, “where feet may fail”. We have started all over again.

But just like in the past, God is so faithful. Like the song says “your grace abounds in deepest waters.”This is exactly what we have experienced.

In deep waters you aren’t able to put your feet down and take a break. You must keep swimming. The same is true in life when difficult times show up. It seems you can’t get away from the constant pressure.You, however, continue “swimming” toward safety. God has not left us or you in the past and he won’t start now.

He has provided us with a nicer home, better doctors, and a wonderful church home.  Now we are resting in His embrace because we are His and He is ours!

Are you in “deepest waters right now? Call on the name of Jesus.

He is just a whisper away!

He wants to bend down and hear your earnest plea. Let Him make your faith strong.

Take your step out on the water.




Have You Been Amazed Lately?



I want to share a song today that is from 6 years ago. It is by Phillips, Craig, and Dean. The Title is Your Grace Still Amazes Me. Let’s listen first. This song just makes me want to pause and take in the words. Such power in such a softly sung song.

I don’t know where you are right now in life, whether times are great or not so great. I have been going through some things lately, the not so good kind. I just had surgery last week and am trying to recover and move on with life.

There have been some days where I felt all alone in a house full of people. Ever been there? I am terrible at “letting go and letting God” as the saying goes. As of late however, I have been made to slow down (prior to surgery) and spend time away with God. What a blessing this has been.

I have been learning to “allow” God to be in control of even the smallest things. Just this past week a situation came up where things looked very scary for me but instead of fretting and worrying about it I gave it to God. Not easy for me but I gave it timidly letting God know I was going to trust him with what ever decision he made. (I know very BIG of me right? For me, it was a huge deal)

God in his gentle and loving way showed me such grace (something I didn’t deserve but He showed me special favor anyway) I don’t think I have ever felt so loved than in that moment. It was like God brought me out of a very dark place into a brilliant light with his arms open wide telling me to “Come.”

Just as the song says, “it overwhelms me, covers my sin”, that was exactly what he did right in that very moment. His grace amazed me, took me by surprise and is one of those moments that I wrote in my journal to remember the grace and goodness of God.

He knows exactly what we need and is able to provide it over and above for us. Have you met God’s amazing grace? He is waiting just for you!


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