Alphabet Soup









It seems each people group has alphabet soup to shorten the words that they use. There should be an alphabet soup dictionary out there.

The newest one that seems to be added to the list is OMG. Now this one has me upset. Does it mean Old Men Groan? How about Odd Moms Giggle!

No, this one seems to take the Lord’s name in vain. You hear it from little children, housewives, young teens. It seems to be an exclamation that flows right off the tongue with little thought to the meaning.

I guess you could say this is something I take to the soap box quite often. As I worked with elementary kids they would say these words like it was nothing. I would tell them that it hurt my feelings because God was so special to me.

They would try to stop but it was heard so often in their homes that it seemed impossible to quit.

Now people think nothing of saying Jesus Christ to swear with. What is happening?!!!

Don’t they know the power of just that name? Don’t they understand that he is God?

It tells us NOT to take the Lord’s name in vain. Along with it there is a consequence.

Exodus 20:7

“You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God, for the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.”

This is one of the 10 Commandments.

Have we come so far from God that we think it is ok to use his name in a curse or a slang to make others laugh?  Have we forgotten the power in the name Jesus? People were healed, raised from the dead, transformed. Should we take that power and toss it into the waste-bin?

Listen to Lincoln Brewster remind us.

“One name

one name can save”

One name

breaks every chain”

“One name

one name remains”

JESUS there is Power in just that name!

Would you waste that power to just make a statement, or waste that power on a curse?

Please stop and think the next time you are tempted to use OMG or Jesus Christ in a way that dishonors God. Use his name in praise and thanksgiving instead.

Alright I am going to step of my soapbox now.


#The One



I don’t mind saying things in this worlds are moving way to fast for this girl! I know people (older)say, “I remember when. . . “and they let you know how they remember the past. Sometimes it has some “tint’ thrown in. Perhaps rose color. But it is so hard to keep up.

No wonder the younger set have some device in their hands, phone, notebook isomething or other. They are trying to KEEP UP!

When I was young (get ready) there were no cell phones. I know gasp, right! The only things we had in our hands were, baseball, bike, basketball.

We even looked at each other. At the dinner table we would actually have a conversation that usually broke out into laughter about something that happened to one of us that day,

My husband and I have “date day” every Saturday. This past Saturday we saw a dad with his 3 boys sharing a meal. (I think “sharing” might be a huge stretch) Dad was talking on his phone the entire time. (I not kidding!) The oldest son, probable 13ish, was in his cell phone the entire time. The 10ish boy, had his cell phone and was playing a game. Even the little guy 5ish, had some sort of game device. They shared not a word between them. The dad only spoke to the waiter to complain about his meal.

How sad to have wasted such an opportunity with his children! He could have had a great time with his 3 boys, maybe got to know just what they were feeling or worried about.

I try to  stay current in this fast paced world. I have: email, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Pintrest, Instagram. Yikes!! How do folks keep up with all of this and have time for family and friends you actually see face to face? I have these so I can do this 31 day challenge. Come November 1st, I will go back to the bare minimum to keep track of friends that I have moved away from due to relocation.

I guess if I was to use Twitter, which seems to have a limit as to how many characters you can use. I might tweet(makes me laugh just to say that) #Jesus, or maybe #The One. I still haven’t figured out what to do with hashtag. Guess I need another class.

I am so glad that Jesus never changes! He is OK with slowing down and speaking to us as we grow quiet. His love is never ending! You can know him when you are young and as you grow old He is still the same God. He is always there to listen to you like you were the only one in the world. He is never in a rush, or tweeting or texting. He doesn’t need to rush you to finish his blog! He loves you and wants to spend time with you.

Steven Curtis Chapman’s “One True God” reminds us, Jesus is the same and he reigns forever!

Slow down, close your eyes, and listen.

Maybe shut down one device and spend time with, the ONE TRUE GOD. Find a real live person and spend some time just sharing your heart with them.

Enjoy their company!