Looking For My Father


In this day and age of heritage finding apps, and DNA testing to identify long lost relatives, I am searching for my Father.

My memories of my father are few. I was so very young when my father passed away. I only have mental snap shots of  what he looked like.

I know he was funny as he made a 78 rpm record of animal sounds, of all things! I know he liked to work with his hands as our basement was filled with his workshop and all his tools.

I know he liked to fish because I have memories of fishing with him in our boat.

I know he loved my mom and they liked to do things together with my sister and I, because I remember working in the garden with them.

However, I am not sure what it is like to be loved and protected by a father. I see my husband whose father was not a nice man. He didn’t seem to care for my husband and was only very critical for his whole life so that is not the model I want to find.

I see father’s that work long hours and have nothing left to give their children when they get home.

I watch commercials that show the father as a buffoon, or useless. How sad is that.

I am older now but I don’t think I will ever outgrow the need of a father’s love.

The Bible tells me that God is my Father. I like the sound of that. It tells me he will never leave me or forsake me. (Hebrews 13:5) That is a promise an earthly father can never make, I know, my father died.

The Bible tells me he has a plan for my life, a plan that will prosper me and give me hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11) Oh, how I need that and want it more than I can say.

He tells me he is my fortress and protection. (Psalm 18:2)

I think I have found my Father, or should I say  he found me!

If you are hurting and in need of Father’s love I suggest you turn to God.

He is ALWAYS available.

He is STRONGER than any problem you may have.

He will NEVER turn you away or tell you to come back later.

He loves you so very much and wants you to know that love. He even has your name on his palm. (Isaiah 49:16)

Get to know your Father.Check out his love letters to you, The Bible




I heard a song the other day that had me wondering about the lyrics. It’s the song by Josh Wilson   called, “Dream Small”.

I listened to the title and thought this guy has it all wrong. Aren’t we told to, dream
BIG? We are told that we can do anything. Shoot for the moon!

Are you dreaming big? Are you planning to write the next great novel? Perhaps you are working to be the new CEO of the company you are working for. How about the next Billy Graham.  Maybe you are going to be the greatest mom, executive worker there has ever been. Those are big dreams.

The only thing about Big dreams is that life continues to tick by with the day to day things. Do you miss the things that are taking place around you by dreaming or day dreaming of that Big Thing that hasn’t taken place yet.

Perhaps instead of being the next great evangelist, you could send a friend scripture daily to help her through the trials she is going through right now. Instead of thinking of what your great  novel will be about, share a Bible Study with a friend that doesn’t have the means to get out.

The song reminds us that when Jesus is involved with our dreams the small things become huge.

The 5 smooth stones took down the giant Goliath.

How about the boy that shared his lunch of a few rolls and some sardines, when Jesus got hold of them they fed 5,000 folks.

Its OK to dream big but don’t let the day go by where you have not asked the Lord to show you what small way you can make a difference.

A smile.

A hug.

A kind word.

These seem so small and insignificant but I can tell you from experience they can be huge and make a Big difference.

Listen to “Dream Small” and start doing some dreaming of your own.



Are you a collector? Do you collect things like thimbles, spoons, watches, or a myriad of other things that folks collect?

Or do you collect things like worries, fears, hurts, unforgiveness, or hates?

Did you know that God is a collector?

Psalm 56:8 says, “You have COLLECTED all my tears and preserved them in your bottle! You have recorded every one in your book.”

As I read this verse the other day it got me to contemplating. Why would God collect my tears? Why save them in a bottle? What  kind of bottle? Why write them down in his book?

I next asked myself, why do people collect things? I guess a few reasons could be that they like to touch them, compare them to each other, or just like to look at them from time to time.

Is that why God would collect my tears? I don’t think so.

Well, I have a relative that collects spoons. You know the small ones from places she has visited with the state symbol and some sort of decoration to remind her of where she has been.

Could this be why God collects my tears? Perhaps I am getting closer to the truth.

The Bible tells us that God never leaves us nor forsakes us.(Hebrews 13:5, John 14:16) He has been right there beside us as we shed all those tears.

Even when we felt so alone and forgotten, He was there.

Perhaps, He has collected all those tears and recorded them in His book is so that  when we get to heaven and talk with him, he will bring out that bottle (the one that has been chosen just for you) and the book to show us just what was taking place behind the scenes!

Our conversation could perhaps sound like this: “Remember the time you where so hurt by those girls you thought were your friends? You went home and cried yourself to sleep? Well, I was there and provided you with a new friend that was very caring and is still your best friend.”

Maybe we will sit and talk about each hurt and we will get to see where He stepped in and healed all those hurts.

I am not sure why God collects our tears, but I know He has a reason and a purpose.

Do you ponder things when you read the Bible?

Why do YOU think he collects our tears?

Every Precious One



I really like to listen to Christian music. It seems some songs just have such an impact on me. There is a song out there now called “So will I” (100 Billion X) by Hillsong. The words are so powerful to me.

They sing ,”if creation still obeys you, so will I”. In the Bible the disciples were on a boat and the storm made the Sea of Galilee a washing machine. The boat that held trained fishermen was filled with cries for help. But in the back of the boat Jesus was sound asleep. The disciples had to WAKE him and ask if he didn’t care that they were all going to drown?

He got up and ordered the wind to stop and the waves to be still. At that moment “creation obeyed him” and all was still, except for the wonderings of those fishermen! (Mark 4:39)

As Jesus was riding into Jerusalem there was a crowd that was shouting, just like they were cheering on their favorite sports team, “Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the LORD!” They had seen the miracles that Jesus was doing and had already done. The religious leaders told them pipe down, they were disturbing the peace. Jesus said if they did that “the rocks will cry out!” (“if the rocks cry out in silence, so will I”)

“God of salvation you chased down my heart though all of me failure and pride.” “Won’t he go and look for the one lost sheep until he finds it?” (Luke 15:4) “He’s the one that never leaves the one behind.”

Jesus died for everyone, no exception. He considers each of us so precious that he gave his life so we could have eternal life.

Our choice.

Accept him as our Savior, or reject him and do things our own way.

Which will you choose?





Are you a reckless type of person? Just this past week, if you asked my husband he would say “Yes!’ I was driving kind of reckless. I drove across 5 lanes of traffic. I did look to see if there was anyone there first, so in my mind it wasn’t reckless. It did make it hard for my husband to breathe for a second, as I kept repeating, “I looked, there was nothing coming.” We did arrive at our destination in one piece and no one was harmed by my driving.

I had never thought of God’s love for us as being reckless, but in Cory Asbury’s song “Reckless Love”, it has given me something to think about. Have a listen.

He tells us we can’t earn it, don’t deserve it, still God gives himself away. We have all been enemies of God. When we are trying to do things on our own and are positive we know best and need no one, we are enemies of God. We have all sinned making us enemies of God.

God is relentless and reckless in his love for us. He finds us seeking everything but him. Alcohol, fame, money, you name it we run after it. There is nothing that God won’t climb up, stoop down, break through to come after us with his Reckless love.

Jesus went to the cross to die for you and me. Now that is a reckless kind of love.

He loves us that much. If you don’t know him, he is breaking down walls, tearing down lies, even leaves the ninety-nine to get to you and share his never ending reckless love with you.

Don’t turn him away. Be reckless!

Is It Or Isn’t It


Have you noticed the randomness of public restrooms lately? Well, I have and find it a bit confusing!

I have entered the restroom and hurry into a stall only to find there is no lock on the door. So I hurry to one that has the lock and close the door, only to find the door and the lock are just enough off that they don’t meet. So, I must lift the whole door up so I can have a bit of privacy!

That completed I am able to use the restroom with out being caught in a compromising position when someone swings the door open only to say, “sorry” or “oops”. Ready to exit the small cubicle I turn to see if the toilet will flush itself, doing the little dance to the left and then to the right to unblock any sensor involved. No, this is not the automatic type so I reach back to push the handle (I am no longer able to lift my leg that high) only to get my finger caught in the handle and cause immediate pain. I can’t yelp with pain or it will cause a ruckus outside my little room to see if I have gone down the toilet. So, I silently scream out the pain shaking my hand out. I struggle with the lock lifting the door just a smig to open it.

I go to the sink. Are there knobs to turn the water on or is it going to come on by itself?  Ach! Ok, the water turns on by itself. Now I need to use the soap so I don’t get some awful infection from the handle that ate my finger. I hold my hand under the soap dispenser waiting for the liquid foam to come out. Maybe my hand is not in the right spot. So I move it around waiting. No luck. Oh wait you have to push the button. Yeah, there is soap and I am able to wash my hands.

Now to the towels. I run my hand past the towel dispenser, nothing. So next I run my dripping hands under the towel dispenser, nothing. I see the little handle that has to be pumped up and down and give it a couple of pumps. Finally, I  am on my way again.

Anyone else notice the randomness of bathrooms? Some have all electronic devises and others have one or two going for them. It’s like someone is playing a joke on you and are laughing their heads of with such randomness.

I am so very glad that there is no randomness in God. He tells us he is with us always. He didn’t say that he would be there sometimes and then sometimes he might be to busy to be there.

The Bible tells us that when we go to God and confess that we have sinned, “he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins.” (1 John 1:9)

Then to show that there is no “randomness” in his words he tells us in Hebrews 10:17:”I will not remember their sins anymore.” He doesn’t just forgive us, he doesn’t remember them once we confess them and turn toward him.

This is the perfect time to become a “Child of God”. He died on the cross for you.

He is Risen Indeed!



I have been struggling for the last couple of months with feelings of not good enough to write this blog. Who am I to offer any kind of advice to anyone! My life is in ruins. My faith is flagging. My husband keeps asking me if I am depressed. It seemed that I had fallen into a well and there was no bucket or rope to haul me out. Even the pastor at my church threw a wrench into the mix with something that made me question all I believed to be true.

I was going through the motions of pretending to be just “fine”. But I had no wish to go anywhere or do anything. I just wanted to be  very quiet and left alone.

One  morning while fixing breakfast I heard this song “Fear is a Liar” by Zach Williams. It brought tears to my eyes the words were just what I needed to hear. Listen.


Did you catch those words , “he will tell you your not good enough”, “your not worthy”, “not loved”,”you’ll never be enough”. Those were the exact words I had be hearing for the last two  months. I had a loop going inside my head. It could start to play at the drop of a hat. Perhaps something on the T.V. would press the play button. Maybe seeing something as I was grocery shopping, {play loop}, or while I was reading my Bible, yep {play loop}!

Have you been there? Is there a loop in you head telling you those hateful things? Let me tell you who “he” is that is the liar, Satan. He wants us in the deep dark well where we think those lies. Lies that we aren’t good enough, we are not worthy, no one can ever love us after the mistakes we have made. Those are straight out of his play list.

There are so many verses that tell us to not fear.

Isaiah 8:13 Don’t fear anything except the Lord of armies of heaven! If you fear him, you need fear nothing else.

Isaiah 41:10 Fear not for I am with you. Do not be dismayed. I am your God. I will strengthen you; I will help you;I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.

Romans 8:31b If God is for us who can be against us!

These are just a few. It also says that “perfect love casts out all fear.” 1 John 4:18

I am no longer in the well with the loop running in my mind. God has pulled me out and cleaned me off and I am back on track, because Fear is a liar. All he wants is to kill, steal, and destroy.

Run to the Savior, the LORD of Heavens Armies he is truth.

Different Angle



There is a story that Jesus tells his listeners about a Prodigal Son, in Luke chapter 15. Each time that I have read the story I seem to have focused on the son. However, today I want to focus on the father.

If you are a parent, I am sure you try to do your very best for your children. You try to prepare them for the future and teach them manners, how to take care of themselves, to be wise in their decisions.

Let’s take a peek at this father. He has two grown sons that are helping to run the “business”. One day the younger son comes and tells the father he wishes he were dead so he could take the money that is due him and do his own thing. He is tired of living with his father and wants to go as far away from him as he can.

Now if you had a 4 or 5 year older this is possibly something they might say, but not a grown son. This must have cut the father to the very core of his heart. He doesn’t lash out, or remind the son of all he has done for him up to this point. No, he figures out what he would receive and gives it to the son.

He must have spent many days on his knees asking where was his mistake to have a son hate him so.

If he had had a cell phone I am sure he would check it periodically to see  if he had missed a call or perhaps a text. As it was he was always looking in the direction that the son had left to see if perhaps he had changed his mind and was returning. (you know this because the story tells us that the father saw the son coming a long way off!)

When he saw his son coming he did something Jewish men never did, he hiked up his clothes and began running! He didn’t tell him “I told you so.” or “What are you doing back here?” No, he grabbed that young man and kissed him and hugged him.

This is exactly like our God! We ignore him. We tell him he doesn’t exist. We turn our backs on him. But just as this son in the story came to his senses and confessed his sins to his father, when we do that to God he is exactly like the father in the story.

He runs to us. Draws us into his arms of forgiveness, mercy, and love. He celebrates our “coming home!”

Do you need to turn around and head back to the Father?

He is waiting with open arms.


Inside or Outside


Are you a person that thinks inside the box or outside the box?

A long time ago Isaiah had told the Israelites that a child would be born to rule over them. They were inside the box thinkers because they were looking for an earthly king.

Herod is king of Judea and some men come from the east, far away asking him “Where is the child that is born to be King of the Jews?” Herod thinks that someone is trying to take over his throne. He is thinking inside the box.

Jesus is riding into Jerusalem on a donkey and the people lay down palm branches and cloaks praising him shouting, “Hosanna.” They are thinking inside the box, thinking a King has come to save them from the Romans.

A blind man named Bartimaeus heard that Jesus was in town and threw down his coat and went to Jesus and asked to be healed. He was thinking outside the box to even think such a thing. (He was able to see after he went to Jesus!)

We tend to do a lot of our thinking inside the box. “There is no way out of this fix I am in.” “I will never get these bills paid.” “I have sinned too much to be forgiven.” So many locked in thoughts.

But in Isaiah 55:8 the LORD tells us, “My thoughts are not like your thoughts. And your ways are not like my ways,” God thinks outside the box. He tell us that nothing is impossible for him. NOTHING!

Our sins? Not impossible with God.

Our marriage? Not impossible with God.

Our finances? Not impossible with God.

Our government? Not impossible with God.

There is nothing we can think of that is impossible for God to solve.

We need to stop thinking inside the box and let God show us what it looks like OUTSIDE the box.

The Beginning of Something Wonderful


So much to do, so little time to do it! Is that how you are feeling? Take just three minutes away from your hectic schedule to watch this.


Not exactly according to Matthew 1:18-2:12 but it does tell the story of why we are celebrating this season.

This is Jesus’ birthday. We need to remember why all the hustle and bustle.

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes and remember why you are celebrating.

It’s not the Christmas tree.

It’s not all the decorations.

It’s not the cookies, or that fantastic meal you are planning.

It’s not even all the relatives and friends that are coming to your home.

It is the beginning of something wonderful.

It is when God sent his One and Only Son into the world. He came to save us from eternal death.

If you haven’t accepted Jesus as your Savior yet, it could be the beginning for you. When you ask him into your heart, it truly is the beginning of your eternal life.

It is as simple as these kids are telling you.

The Savior is Born.

Come to Him today. He came for you